Monday, March 20, 2006

Why is this man still free?

The list of names that Gregory Wagner gave police was a page and a half long. Each name represented a member of his Boy Scout troop that Wagner had spent time alone with or perhaps shown pornography to. In several cases, it was much worse.

But Wagner, three months after pleading no contest to nine counts of child molestation against three scouts, is out on bail, shopping at downtown supermarkets and picking up his children at school.

His sentencing hearing was supposed to take place March 24, but will likely be delayed according to deputy district attorney Kim Connors, who recently inherited the case. That means Wagner, who had planned a one-way trip out of town at the time of his arrest, will spend at least a few more weeks bumping into the families of his victims while he ponders the prospect of 20 years in prison.

Yes, Town Crier, thanks for all the good news. Now how about you talk about what kind of effect this has had on the members of Troop 31 and start demanding public and private apologies from the Boy Scouts?

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