Monday, March 27, 2006

The Merc begs for street cred

The Mercury News is joining the rush to write about MySpace, apparently thinking doing so will get kids to read the paper. Here's one such attempt from the paper's Web site today.

If parents notice that an older MOSS or MOTOS is asking for their child's A/S/L for OLL, they better have a serious F2F with the kid ASAP.

Translation: Members of the same sex and members of opposite sex are using the Internet to seek out childrens' age, sex and location for online love, and parents should speak with their kids face-to-face right now to prevent them from becoming victims.

Five bucks says my parents start saying "MOTOS" around their kids friends and thinking they're cool, but only if the story appears in print tomorrow.


joc said...

i'll see your five bucks

Anonymous said...

LOL NOE!!! RSVP CIA, and then FCUK YMCA UCLA, right?

pogblog said...

So I can get gigahip, does one spell out M.O.S.S & say Moh-Toes?