Wednesday, March 15, 2006

But what about the pedophiles

Headline writers descended on San Jose yesterday but couldn't seem to figure out whether Google or the Department of Justice was the winner in a judge's ruling that the company would have to turn over a list of 50,000 Web sites and 5,000 search records.

Perhaps the most hilarious feature of the coverage of this case is the blogosphere's fascination with Judge James Ware and a pretty terrible idea he had a few years back, which involved making up a tragic story about a dead brother while awaiting appointment to the Ninth Circuit. Apparently, all that is required for a blog to claim an exclusive is a link to an eight-year-old story.

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Kathy Schrenk said...

As importantly, the man whose tragedy he appropriated is responsible for the infamous quote about how someone told him that they saw something on the Internet, "and then I knew it must be true."