Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Saving Shoreline Lake

Shoreline Lake is drying up. Slowly but surely, as the water supply that feeds it gets choked off by sediment brought in as as part of a tidal marsh restoration project.

Damn wetlands. Oh sure, they're great for flood control and water purification and habitat for endangered birds and rodents and all that. But what about when you're trying to keep an artificial lake from drying up?

Never fear (all you windsurfer/blog-readers), the city has $3 million with your name on it. (link to come later this week).

I learned an important lesson in writing this story, which was originally supposed to run last week. Simply put: "Don't read the New Yorker within 24 hours of your deadline." Apparently, not everyone thinks the feeding habits of the American avocet make for an interesting lead.

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