Thursday, March 09, 2006

MV Spartans still blow goats

The city council's about to get a lot less beautiful.

Matt Neely's decision to take a job in Italy means we're running out of time to take our revenge on both him and Rich Fischer. (Neely is the "Los Altos teacher" mentioned in this story from eight years ago -- I'll try to get the photo uploaded soon).

Here's the Merc's version.


Kathy Schrenk said...

For someone who dislikes the LATC so much, you sure are in it a lot.

Is anyone reading this blog besides me, btw?

Nemesis of Evil said...

Probably not as regularly as you. But then again, no else has their baby pictured here.

Alicia C said...

Matt's leaving. Wow. Maybe my evil plot to infiltrate the council will come to fruition.