Thursday, March 09, 2006

But what does Barry Bonds think about it?

Let's all thank the Merc for sparing some people from the Barry Bonds beat today to pay attention to Mountain View. Sure, the story on the pumpkin patch is a month and a half old, and it's not exactly news when a headline has the word "finally" in it, but it's not a bad story and it's good to see the Merc paying attention.

(Pretty amusing that both the Voice and the Merc ran the same basic photo, not to mention the same angle on the story. Great minds think alike, I suppose, but then again so do simple ones.)

Tough times over on the south side of El Camino, losing both the Pumpkin Patch and Matt Neely at the same time. Maybe they can go meditate in Cuesta Park Annex before we stuff it wall-to-wall with soccer fields.

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