Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Palo Alto Daily fires editor

It's too bad Diana Diamond had to go and get sh*t-canned before I could complete my collage of my favorite Daily News gaffes. There was the dead guy that told his side of the story the following day, the front page headline about the Bay Meadows "Ractrack," or the one that mispelled the prosecutor in the Scott Peterson case as "Disasto."

Then there are leads like this one, from yesterday's paper:
"Maybe it's best for Mountain View to see higher density housing developments. Or maybe it's not."

Chime in with your own favorites (N.B.: Jabs at other papers also welcome).


Anonymous said...

You're paper is not much better.

You sound like a bitter 24-year-old who stills lives with his parents.

Nemesis of Evil said...