Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Town Crier goes slumming

Some real groundbreaking investigative work in this week's Town Crier, detailing why confessed child molester Gregory Wagner remains free with no restrictions as he awaits sentencing, and further investigation of allegations that the city of Los Altos has been covering up massive sewage spills into Adobe Creek.

Just kidding. Maybe next week.

LATC went slumming this week, taking their two newly-hired staff writers and sic'ing them on Mountain View stories left and right. At the very least, the stories are generally newsworthy. it's nice to see people in this city finally admitting that our neighbor to the northeast is far more interesting (unless, like me, you're talking about high school water polo).

Not all the links are up yet, here's a partial list, interspersed with some obligatory snide comments.

Open space group makes some progress in fight to preserve Cuesta Annex in MV
A fairly complete misinterpretation of recent events at the city level, but good grades for effort.

Wired over WiFi
Probably could have jumped on this one sooner.

MV chamber director leaving with business on upward swing
Nothing to say here. Nothing bad at least. Everyone loves Carol Olson, even if she is a business lobbyist.


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