Saturday, March 25, 2006

Putting the sh*t back in the bull

A lawyer for Clear Channel is saying that the audit the city released Thursday afternoon contains privileged company information protected by a court order, and that he will be seeking that all copies (as well as news reports) are returned, destroyed or censored.

In a phone message Friday, attorney James Wagstaffe said:
"In our view that report contains matters protected by a protective order from the court and attorney's eyes only limitations. We will be asking the court for enforcement of that order and return of that document and limitation of all on-line things."

Sweet, maybe somebody will read this blog.

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pogblog said...

Nemesis -- I think 'Clear Channel' sounds like some gruesome condition one ends up in after they've cleansed one's [offending] brain in some chilling 1984ish way. I see us standing against a wall in shabby pajamas, catatonic and murmuring gibberish after being clearchanneled. It shivers my timbers.