Monday, March 27, 2006

"That was other dudes."

A spokesperson for Clear Channel says that it's time to forget the company was ever here. Nevermind the fact that the company filed a lawsuit against the city of Mountain View to stop it from completing annual audits of Shoreline Amphitheatre, or that the city countersued, accusing the company of racketeering and theft of public funds, or that the subsequent audit turned up $80 million in hidden revenues, mostly under Clear Channel's watch.

No, what's important is that the company spun off its entertainment division in December, and presumably the liability for the Shoreline suit, and it's "messy" logic to think otherwise.

In other news, the Daily joined the party today, with its customary Monday council preview story. The Merc put the story online later. I know I shouldn't kick these guys when they're down, and the Knight Ridder byline that used to upset me is now just sad, but I think we should be able to expect the two papers to do a better job covering of a story of this magnitude instead of relying on the tired formula of cribbing from the staff report and calling one council member for comments.

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Anonymous said...

Are the Merc and Daily hoping Clear Channel will appreciate the soft, nearly nonexistent coverage and buy the McClatchy rejects out of pity because no one else will? Expose the conspiracy, Nemesis!