Thursday, June 08, 2006

Town Crier: Parade not fabulous

Two weeks after the Town Crier dedicated three entire pages to its coverage of the Pet Parade, the largest political demonstration in Los Altos history got six paragraphs and a small photo. The one person quoted in the article is Police Chief Bob Lacey, whose 19 officers stood around and did little other than cost thousands of dollars to the city and the groups involved.

Despite regular editorials and guest columns complaining about the gayness of the parade, editor Bruce Barton still had to lobby publisher/Republican activist Paul Nyberg to get any coverage of the event in the paper. Luckily, Nyberg's worst fears about the parade turned out not to be true. According to the story:
"Festivities were peaceful and free of the flamboyant costumes that have marked other gay parades."

Hopefully we can all go back to concentrating on unifying the community via the annual festival of lights parades, which features characters from Alice and Wonderland and all sorts of other children's stories, or perhaps the LAHS Homecoming parade, in which those high schoolers not in tuxes often march half-naked or in drag.


Anonymous said...

maybe the reason there were not the disgusting, embarrassing displays of other parades is because Los Altos had that many police around and thus the extremists thought better of it. Who are you to think we need you to be the arbiter of what is right and what is wrong. If you do not like LA, leave, and go somewhere else where your big lib opinions actually matter except to a measly few.

Kathy Schrenk said...

I resent being referred to as "measly!"

Anonymous said...

So, there I was decked out in my FABULOUS leather daddy outfit. DELISH! I was pulling my bitch by his leash, when I saw the dozen or so officers standing to the side. Can you believe!?! Well, I was just stopped dead in my tracks (somewhere around 1st and Main). My bitch took the ball out of his mouth and said, "Foiled Again."

We went back to our homo home, vowing never to return as long as there were police protecting the citizens from us.

Damn the Los Altos police presence.
Will we ever win?!?
Javier & Rolondo