Sunday, June 04, 2006

"The moon is in the Seventh House"

That's right, several years after the millenium, the Age of Aquarius is finally dawning in Los Altos. Rainbow flags lined downtown streets today, as 20 members of the LAHS Gay Straight Alliance and hundreds of supporters marched through downtown. The parade, grudgingly approved by the Los Altos City Council, is believed to be (by me) the largest political demonstration in the city's history.

"In the city council's face," said MVLA superintendent Rich Fischer, one of many public officials to march or ride in the parade.

The supportive crowd, much like the partygoers in the first episode of the Boondocks, clapped politely, which made the police presence seem a little ridiculous. The only opposition I noticed along the route was a man oblivious to irony who held a sign that read, "Parading our differences does not unite us." Not clear whether he thought his sign was accomplishing that. Of course, this man was not alone. After all, Christian pet-owning high school athletes already have three parades to unite them.

Speaking of Christians: Big points for Foothills Congregational Church, which had dozens of members marching together in the parade to support the LAHS Gay-Straight Alliance. Poor performance, meanwhile, by the folks holding the sign reading "Homosexuality is Sin." According to the Palo Alto Daily, the man drove all the way down from Placerville to protest the parade.

I guess it's better for them to be trying to ruin parades instead of military funerals, but if they're such good Christians, shouldn't they have been in church?

(UPDATE: The Mercury and the Chronicle have both posted stories about the event on their Web sites. Funny how the Chronicle only covers Santa Clara County when there is a story about gay pride.)


Kathy Schrenk said...

How about "Gay = Pervert"? Or the t-shirts with "GAY" and a big red circle and slash through it? I wonder who prints those big signs up and gives them to wackos? They must be the same ones who go to events like Bay to Breakers and tell people they are going to hell.

Anonymous said...

Dude. It was a real feel good event. I left feeling inspired and proud, for once, of the people in the town...despite the local officials they elected. I agree, big points for the church, and for everyone who marched or stood by the side clapping their support.