Sunday, June 18, 2006

The ideal candidate has never read our paper

The Daily News is looking for a reporter. From the ad in Monday's paper:

"The reporter we're looking for must know how to work a beat and develop sources, turn over in-depth stories with context and make deadline. If your idea of reporting is cataloguing the minutes of a council meeting, then please do not apply."

Big talk for a paper that ran a front-page story in the same issue with the headline, "Mayfield Mall site plan may be up for discussion later in month." This could be a very good sign, but juding from the total of three non-wire stories in the entire news section on Friday, it's just wishful thinking.


Anonymous said...

I wish the Mountain View Voice would "catalog" -- or at least abstract -- council meetings. It seems like the way things are, we get a story about one or two things out of several dozen items, including the consent calendar. Some of the consent calendar items are pretty interesting, and often have implications affecting large numbers of residents, but we never get to read about them at all. I wouldn't mind a catalog of council minutes at all.

blondebomber said...

try the city web site

Anonymous said...

Mountain View's web site is the worst government web site I've ever seen. Documents are provided as low-resolution faxes, unless you click on the PDF icon which requires that you not have a pop-up blocker, and the search function doesn't ever find anything unless it's inside a pair of asterisks. At least these days it works with browsers other than IE on Windows only.

The federal government should step in and raid the city offices, removing everyone's CAPS LOCK keys. Then maybe I could read some council documents.

Anonymous said...

Actually, correction, search at present is apparently completely broken.

Also, in the minutes, the speaking councilmembers are never identified. Where is the accountability in that? It's not like the information isn't availabil in the broadcast and videotape.

Furthermore, the summaries in the council minutes aren't very good for figuring out what the main issues are.

blondebomber said...

Rediculous. it's the best web site around. Very easy to navigae assuming you know how to click buttons

Anonymous said...

Are you actually able to use the search function to return any results? I've tried the step-by-step in the faq, and always get 0 results. Can you please tell me what you do to search?

To see what a real city web site looks like, try Sunnyvale's or Palo Alto's, or Los Altos's.

All of those support the popular "copy" function, and the highly-useful and related "find text" function, which Mountain View's site most certainly does not, from their low resolution FAX default display, or even if you know enough click on the pop-up PDF button. And wait. And wait. And wait. And finally get a slightly higher resolution fax of the mostly ALL CAPS Mtn. View city documents.