Saturday, June 24, 2006

BREAKING NEWS: Corruption still illegal

Somebody get word to San Jose Mayor Ron Gonzales, whose indictment Thursday spawned a feeding frenzy at the Mercury news and probably gave Vice Mayor Cindy Chavez whiplash from forcing her to do such a quick about-face.

In today's story, featuring a classic non-denial denial from Gonzales ("there was no alteration of public documents," he says), prosecutor Julius Finkelstein says the indictment's message "is that public officials cannot use their public office to secure benefits, either for themselves or for third parties or for political supporters.'"

Really? Not to parrot a Republican talking point here, but isn't that that what public officials do?Leaving aside that Gonzales repeatedly lied about the deal to the public and his colleagues, is procuring a contract for the Teamsters much different than Anna Eshoo's effort to procure Navy funding to restore Hangar One for the enjoyment of a bunch of Navy veterans?

In any case, kudos to the Merc for their coverage. The paper has had so many reporters on the story (14 on one article posted on the Web site site), you'd think anarchists were planning to march in downtown Palo Alto or somebody had found a finger in a bowl of chili. Not that I blame them. According to lore, when Mountain View's mayor was on trial for misconduct (with seemingly far less serious charges), a full 50 percent of the Voice staff spent days in the courtroom simply waiting for the verdict.

In the Mario Ambra case, by the way, the prosecution dropped three of its four charges, focusing only on one charge, misconduct in violation of the city charter, that was grounds to remove Mayor Ambra from the council. I wouldn't be surprised to see the same thing happen here.


Anonymous said...

Bah, San Jose must be some kind of a liberal stronghold. Why use your influence to prop up old-fashioned unions when enriching the boss can be so much more fun, even if it does wreck a couple of marriages? Who needs an attorney who respects marriage contracts, anyway? Those aren't real contracts.

Of course, "16 city employees ... reported that Martello had no involvement with the increased garbage fees or any other matters involving Foothill or the Chamber of Commerce." Right. The City Attorney doesn't involve himself with those things. Sure. Even if it's true, anyone in his office who knows about the relationship is going to keep themselves from bias how, exactly?

What Gonzales did is nothing like that stink, if you want to talk about garbage officials.

blondebomber said...

I have a great good idea. Matt Neely is leaving office this month. Ron Gonzales can apply to live in the new efficieny units in MV ( which are bigger than the jail cell he belongs in) and become a resident so that he can be appointed to fill in the remaining term for Neely.

Can just imagine the fun Greg pwerry and him will have together.

blondebomber said...

I must be extremely naive. I assumed Martelo was involved in the relationship to get a better deal for the city of Mountin View. I slept with one of my professors in college, i got a better grade