Thursday, June 08, 2006

Silent majority silent

The Los Altos Hills Town Council (which, by the way, is the body's official name despite the fact that Los Altos Hills is technically a city) voted tonight to move forward with a redistricting proposal that officials from local school boards are calling selfish.

"Fuck 'em," said a certain outgoing Mountain View-Los Altos high school district superintendent, who added some other more relevant things that were way less interesting.

The Town Council had given the Los Altos elementary school district board until this week to agree to a compromise proposal that would have given control of at least part of the Bullis site to Bullis Charter School. The final version of the redistricting resolution maintains the boundaries that send some Hills kids to Gunn High School and others to Los Altos High School -- LAHS supporters had attacked the earlier plan to send all kids to Gunn as racist.

The plan requires special legislation and is sure to face a court challenge. If it goes through, the two local elementary school districts (Los Altos and Palo Alto Unified) will lose a fair amount of property tax revenue, but, by pretty much any standard, they are likely to continue to do just fine. Ultimately, the people likely hurt worst by redistricting will be Los Altos Hills kids themselves, who are now going to grow up in even more of a bubble than they already do.


Anonymous said...

Jon, you should know better than to stumble upon the same thing the Daily News has and, at times, the Mercury. Los Altos Hills is incorporated as the City of the Town of Los Altos Hills, an utterly silly name for a posh, exclusive community with the length of title merely highlighting the fact that nothing about LAH can be taken seriously. Although every council member wishes he (that's right there's no women on the council, folks) were on a town council; it's really a city council. I refer you to any official document produced by "the town."

Nemesis of Evil said...

Thanks "anonymous." I'll correct the post and then delete your comment to pretend like I never made the mistake.