Thursday, June 29, 2006

MV Spartans still blow goats

After all that plotting*, the best I could do is print this photo on a blog, of the Mountain View marquee artfully rearranged by my friends circa February 1998. I apologize if any of you were expecting something that would justify the furor this photo caused. (Readers of the Talon will remember that "Neely" temporarily became a verb roughly meaning "to act in an manner lacking integrity)."

I suppose the one lesson to be learned from this is that being right in the eyes of the law is less important than you might think.

Speaking of fellatio, a co-worker called my farewell column "a bj to all your sources."


Carl S said...

Man, don't you see? The Mountain View kids could have come over and retaliated!!!11

Nemesis of Evil said...

I know, the horror. So, my understanding, from a lawyer I spoke to at the Student Press Law Center, was that California state law only allows for the censorship of students if their speech is obscene, libelous, or inciting to riot. The specific definition of inciting to riot, he said, was that a similar situation must have resulted in a serious disruption to the school community.

Clearly, though, I'm over it.

Anonymous said...

This sort of thing always ends when the offended school steals the other school's mascot, hides it in a janitorial closet, but it gets let out by a startled janitor and roams the halls stomping on notbook paper and charging cafeteria workers, then animal control gets called, and then there's a terible mistake with the elephant tranqualizer instead of the school mascot animal tranq darts, and then gang warfare breaks out between the schools.

See, so they were right to censor it.

blondebomber said...

I fail to see the humor in this prank. Why blow a goat? Better to suggest something racy or sexist.

Anonymous said...

I could see printing this photo in a school paper, but in the MV Voice? No way! The Voice is a serious paper, or at least it was until Jon got there.

Craig said...

If you don't understand why "blow goats" is funny, then you missed out on the funniest movie of the 1990's. Anyone can post a racy or sexist comment, but blowing goats is funnier.