Saturday, June 24, 2006

The real reason to ride transit

Thursday and Friday of this week, the outdoor air was so smoggy that people with respiratory problems were advised to stay indoors. It would be nice to see transit agencies like Caltrain and VTA hammer this point home, rather than try to convince people that it's cheaper to ride transit than to drive (which is generally true but often assumes your time is worthless).

That is where I thought Gary Richards was going with his article in yesterday's paper. But the only person he found that cared about the impacts of smog was an asthmatic herself. Today, the paper followed up with a happy story about little girls in matching pink bikinis splashing in a fountain. Isn't smog fun?

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pogblog said...

In Ponce, Puerto Rico, 30 years ago, I used the publico system. A publico is a cross between a taxi and a bus. There are routes. You are never more than a block or two from a publico stop. They are very cheap. The are ubiquitous. You really can get around the neighborhoods with publicos.

You get a publico and then at its next stop someone may or may not get in with their live chickens.

Drivers have their own cars which are checked. They have a route. They are much much more frequent than buses and penetrate much more into neighborhoods than buses do.

They are a genius public transportation solution already in use 30 years ago.