Monday, August 13, 2007

Joc's story

It has been a while since I last bragged about my sister.

For the last year, Joc has been tracking down the surviving members of an inner-city Sacramento pee wee football team from 1992 and interviewing them about how their lives have turned out. Many have been and out of jail. Others have died violently. She tells their stories in a three-part series in the Sacramento Bee that began yesterday.

It is very good.


Anonymous said...

So what does this tell you about athletic success at an early age? I wonder how many Little Leaguers, who are now playing in the LLWS, will be playing baseball in HS. A lot of small quick successful athletes barely make it past age 13. At that point size matters. That's why I went into wrestling

The Professor. Former league and NCS champ.

Tim Coakley said...

You have hella small balls

Anonymous said...

Did not use steroids to achieve my success in wrestling. So bring it on Timmy.

The Professor