Monday, February 12, 2007

An unnecessarily complicated attempt to brag about my sister without sacrificing my usual mean-spiritedness

We here at NOE seek to be educational as well as entertaining, so here are some tips for aspiring journalists:

1) Myspace is not a source. But if you for some decide to use it as such, say, for an obituary about a sergeant in the U.S. Army, and it tells you that the sergeant was actually employed as a papier machet artist, and -- not getting the joke -- you print that information without verifying it, don't get defensive when the grieving family calls and ask you to correct what you've written.

(To be fair to the Merc, they corrected the story and ran an excellent article excellent article by Patrick May about Will Sigua's memorial celebration.)

2) If you are going to run an article about an award your paper won, say, for a story written by my sister Jocelyn, you should probably have the article on-line somewhere so that people don't have to go to an anti-immigration message board to read it.

3) Keep your opinions about squirrels to yourself.


BigDra said...

Man, the voice keeps getting better and better without you! That squirrel
"debate" is incredible journalism!

Patrick said...

the link to joc's article is already dead.
why is sacramento the capitol?

Kathy Schrenk said...

I dunno, the article says he "listed his occupation as a papier-mache artist," not that he actually was a papier-mache artist. So technically, it's probably accurate.

jocelyn said...

Thanks for the publicity, Jon. Also, thanks for sharing the very in-depth discussion about the squirrel issue. It was very in-depth.

Nemesis of Evil said...


I think we can agree that op-ed was embarrasing without pretending that I never wrote a first-person account of a birdwatching tour: