Thursday, August 09, 2007

Dikembe's Looking for 100,00 Members

Many of you have probably heard of NBA star Dikembe Mutombo's post shot-block finger wags (or at least I hope you have) and hopefully some of you have heard about his charity work.

When I spoke with the man himself in Toronto's Pearson airport yesterday evening, he told me that the hospital he has spent ten years trying to build finally opened last week in Kinshasa, the capital of his home country, the Democratic Republic of Congo. The hospital, named for Mutombo's mother, was no doubt delayed by ongoing conflict in this country of 60 million. The $29 million project is to focus treating women and children and could not come at a better time. Currently, families of the ill beg outside Kinshasa's existing hospital hoping to raise enough money to pay for the limited treatment available.

Now that the hospital is operational, Mutombo told me he's looking for 100,000 people to become members of his foundation and donate whatever they can - $10 or $20 - to the ongoing efforts. Further, anyone with professional experience, particularly medical experience can volunteer with the foundation. More information is available at the Dikembe Mutombo Foundation website.


Nemesis of Evil said...

BigDra does not mention that what he really wanted to ask Mutombo was to verify a story about his time at Georgetown, during which he walked into a party, held out his arms and bellowed, "Who wants to fuck Dikembe?" I like to think that would have made a better title for the post.

BigDra said...

Perhaps it would, but I think that this guy has done more for the Congo (DRC) than the UN or any government that's ever held power there. I honestly think it is a worthy cause and people should join and donate. And his exploits from Georgetown, true or not, should only make people like him more. Especially since he went on an academic scholarship and didn't even pick up a basketball til his sophomore year.