Monday, August 20, 2007

Reefer Madness!

A second marijuana bust in the hills provides more evidence of the existence of Mexicans.

Kudos, I guess, to the Town Crier, for improving on its previous coverage by
  • not making unsupported generalizations about entire nationalities,
  • not speculating (at least not as much) about environmental impacts of which it has no proof
  • and not quoting Costco quantities at Safeway prices.
Can't wait for the editorial


BigDra said...

Thank you for not attributing the "costco quantities at safeway prices" to anyone. My sources say they are pleased that they remained anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Further proof that medical marijuana is a sustainable crop in Los Altos and that Los Altans suck goats

The Professor

miss mischief said...

wow! what an astounding improvement in not making up stuff and then reporting it. do you think eliza reads this blog?

Anonymous said...

i wrote a letter to the editor. which they didnt print by the way, commenting on the mexican nationals generalization and unsupported environmental claims. when i read that article i was horrified. so perhaps the editor passed on the suggestion to our illustrious reporters at the TC.

Nemesis of Evil said...


Assuming this was you, congratulations and thank you. I especially like the sarcasm at the end.