Thursday, April 19, 2007

Well we're safe for now. Thank goodness we're in a bowling alley.

Front-page news from my hometown of Pleasantville:
A rumored illness caused by pet food has affected unknown numbers of pets, but none in Los Altos.

Got that? Something may have happened somewhere else, but not in Los Altos. This could be the start of a great series: Things that are not happening in Los Altos. Send your ideas to

For true lack of perspective, see the San Jose Mercury's Web site, where the top story compares the Warriors making the playoffs as the last seed to victory over the Axis in World War II.

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BigDra said...

Come on, Jon, he was only talking about V-E day (victory in Europe). The war wasn't even over yet, so the celebrations couldn't have been that big. V-J day, now that would be something to compare the end of the Warriors playoff drought to (it came with some big bangs). Especially if you're last name is Kawakami.