Thursday, April 19, 2007

I oppose the death penalty

But find this guy and shoot him.

Mountain View police are searching for man who sexually assaulted a homeless woman early Monday.

About 3:30 a.m. Monday a resident near the 1000 block of North Rengstorff Avenue called 911 to report a woman screaming for help.

When officers around the woman, who told police she'd been sleeping in some nearby bushes when she awoke to someone trying to pull her sleeping bag off of her.

The man, according to police, attempt to strangle the woman and she began screaming. He then sexually assaulted her.

The man is described as a Hispanic male in his 30s. He is clean-shaven with a smooth complexion. On the night of the attack, he wore all black clothing and a beanie-hat with two light-colored horizontal stripes on it. He speaks with an accent, police said.


Anyone with information about the Mountain View attack is asked to call the police department at (650) 903-6344.

UPDATE: Yesterday's Palo Alto Daily reports that homeless women are
uniquely vulnerable to sexual assault

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