Friday, April 06, 2007

Mission Accomplished

Major combat operations in the battle of Cuesta Park have ended. The City of Mountain View, and its allies (see right), have prevailed.

But now that last throes of the squirrel insurgency are over, the liberal local media is still trying to downplay the threat.

Just look at this week's editorial by the squirrel sympathizers in the Mountain View Voice. According to the Voice, the danger posed by Cuesta Park squirrels is "hardly in the same league" as Yosemite bears or Palo Alto mountain lions. The Voice blames the problem on the human beings and says its the work of a few bad apples. Meanwhile, unable to let any good news go unpunished, the Voice is reporting on a swarm of bees invading downtown.

This kind of reporting is demoralizing to the city recreation staff and comforting to the enemy. I think we should demand an apology.

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