Monday, November 13, 2006

What other bloggers did while I was drinking

Whatever your opinion of (or the gerry-mandered winner-take-all system of American politics), being the group's top election-day caller in the entire nation is deserving of some kind of a prize.

The winner is Mountain View's own Wendy Fleet, former community access director director of KMVT better known around town as the lady with the Dream Peace sign (formerly Teach Peace) and in virtual reality as PogBlog. From 6:13 a.m. to 8:45 p.m. on Election Day, she made 500 phone calls, reaching 300 voters and 200 answering machines, more phone calls than any other MoveOn volunteer. (I made five, but then again I was otherwise occupied). Wendy estimates she made more than 2,280 calls in the 10 days before the election, reaching 600 people all over the country. (I'm trying to think what I did over that time period -- I think I went swimming a few times?) Her favorite exchanges are catalogued over on PogBlog.

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pogblog said...

I'm so stoked that we now have 50,000 phoning people who can politically act from home. I was so horrified to be helpless re Ohio or Virginia or or. Then with MoveOn's computer phoning, I could do heartfelt precinct work where it mattered.

Webb beat Allen by 3 votes a precinct. We may have phoned those votes.