Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Erik Koalnd's reputation

Thank God Wolf Blitzer has failed to call several of today's House races. On the other hand, hahahahaha. As for the Senate, tradesports.com now has the odds the Dems will take over at close to 90%, Jim Webb (Virginia) and Claire McCaskill (Missouri) have already declared victory, and Erik Koland has staked his reputation on a Democratic sweep...

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Koland said...

Dear NOE readers,
Please note that at the time of NOE's post he was at the tail end of a fulfilled promise to drink one beer for every democratic house pickup and one shot for every senate gain.

Fortunately, he only bought an 18 pack. Saving his liver from what would be 6 shots and at least 30 beers.

My girlfriend upon hearing Jon's drinking plan (and rooting for a now conservative 20+ dem pickup) said, "Well, then I hope Jon end's up in the hospital."

She continued, "Wait, that didn't sound good."