Monday, November 13, 2006

Calling all mutants, cheerleaders

Let's imagine for a moment that you sold your old car. You take the paperwork to the DMV to transfer the title. They take care of everything, but somehow forget to record it. Later, the buyer gets the car towed and impounded. Your name is on the title, so the collections agency comes after you. What do you do?

1) Pay the bill
2) Ignore the bill and hope nothing happens
3) Consult a lawyer.

If you answered 1, 2 or 3, you are not Erik Koland. Erik, who once talked his way onto the high school newspaper staff by describing his plans to hold an ultimate frisbee game pitting the school's mutants against its cheerleaders, has taken his one-man fight against Rickenbacker Collection Service onto the Myspaces. And he wants you to be his friend, provided, that is, you also hate Rickenbacker.

He describes his mission thusly:
"Rickenbacker has two key advantages: 1) You don't know towing, lien sale or collection laws [and] 2) You don't know anyone else who's experiencing the same problem. I am here to do my best to take away those advantages--and give us (the collections victims) the upper hand."
Honestly, how can you not be friends with a guy like that?

1 comment:

Koland said...

Thanks for the post. You might have just saved a Rickenbacker collection victim from settling.

On behalf of Destroy Rickenbacker, I thank you doing this small act to help my fight against their evil.

PS. Don't get tazed, it looks like it really, really hurts.