Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A love letter to the people of Stockton

24 hours ago, I was perfectly sober. Ken Blackwell, Katherine Harris and Tan Nguyen all still held elected office. Donald Rumsfeld was still employed "overseeing" the war effort. Congress was completely devoid of former NFL quarterbacks. Perhaps worst of all, Richard Pombo was chairman of the House Resources Committee.

In all of the Pacific Time Zone, only a single Congressional seat changed hands last night. But the change in Pombo's 11th Congressional District was no ordinary takeover. It turned a seat that served as the launching pad for Pombo's efforts to gut the Endangered Species Act to a seat represented by a wind energy consultant.

People of the Central Valley, I take back everything bad I ever said about you. I wish I could give all of you (or at least 88,000 of you) a hug.

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pogblog said...

The Pombo loss is a mighty win(d) for the good guys. I also take back anything bad I might have thought before. Standing Os for these fine voters who bestirred themselves.