Sunday, November 05, 2006

Everybody hates Katherine Harris

This might be piling on at this point, but I couldn't take all those notes on the Bill Nelson-Katherine Harris (U.S. Sen-Fla.) debate and not publish them, could I? (This, on the other hand, is definitely piling on).

Here are some choice bits from the woman who handed the 2000 election to George W. Bush. Direct quotes provided where possible.

On Vietnam: "The way we lost Vietnam is because Congress got involved."
On Cuba: "Our embargo [against Cuba] has worked."
On North Korea: The development of a nuclear program proves that Bill Clinton is to blame for the development of the nuclear program.
On global warming: "Global warming is a fact, but the scientists disagree on whether it is systemic or manmade. ... (walking towards the camera) ... We need to develop these alternative energy sources and we have made great progress in doing so."
The very first "alternative" energy source she cited? Drilling in ANWR, which she said can replace all the oil from Saudi Arabia. At this point, Bill Nelson stopped acknowledging her and began referring to himself in the third person in order to have a reasonable opponent to debate.

Harris continues to maintain that she is confident she will win despite a 30+ percentage point deficit in most polls. Too bad she's not Secretary of State anymore. Otherwise, she might still have a chance.

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blondebomber said...

Saw her debate last friday. She needs an update, like Ms. Boxer, who looks fabulous on her latest mailer.