Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Are you aware this person taught poor children?

Ahh, Los Altos Parents... tirelessly striving to make sure that the term "Los Altos Parent" still conjures up exactly what you'd imagine.

"They [the parents] still do not understand why Justus chose a principal from a school [Oak Grove High School in south San Jose] with different demographics and lower test scores than Almond."

It's nice to see that the running gag, so often exploited on this blog, about folks from The 'Tos not liking folks that aren't from The 'Tos is alive and well -- and thus the main staple of NOE is safe and sound.


Anonymous said...

what is The Tos?

Koland said...

A terrific question.

The 'Tos = Los Altos

But than that, it's cool and underground (despite this publication's best efforts to popularize it).

Now you have the power.

Koland said...

Actually, I believe it's better spelled "the 'Tos" rather than "The 'Tos."

You were right to have called me on it.