Friday, January 11, 2008

African no longer welcome in Los Altos Hills

Although he has not been implicated in growing marijuana on the periphery of the "town" as other immigrants have, Los Altos Hills residents still want the African immigrant out of their upscale community.

"I'm getting tired of him," said Thomas Puorro, 82.

At first, the African immigrant intrigued neighbors, even though residents suspected that he was an escapee from a holding area in South San Francisco. A native to Uganda, the immigrant caught the attention of a Ugandan ambassador who sent a friendly note to "The Heights" Hills on the immigrant's behalf.

Despite international goodwill for the African, tensions are high.

Puorro added, "I'm getting closer and closer to getting myself a slingshot."

*John Rocker was unavailable for comment at press time.


BigDra said...

Who is Puorro and what does he have against crested cranes? Too bad Deep, one of the Hills original immigrants, isn't around to help...

Anonymous said...

haha! great post. poor bird is being scorned by a bunch of cranky old rich folk.

Nemesis of Evil said...

Too bad the crane doesn't have an amusing accent. That might have helped ingratiate him.

frenemy of evil said...

Ah ha! Finally admitted that to be a successful blog you were going to have to resort to race-baiting... oh wait, nevermind.