Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I thought we were the Popular Front

My alma mater may change its name today.

Says kindergarten teacher Pam Loebner:

"For the past 3 years we have had parents go to the wrong schools (both ways) substitutes go to the wrong schools (both ways) and there is concern that in an emergency situation that someone might be confused and go to the wrong school."

Unlikely. We all know nothing bad ever happens in Los Altos. But just in case, I suggest "The Real Bullis" or asking the splitters to change their name to "Bullis Charter School for White Kids." More specificity never hurt.

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BigDra said...

As an alum, I am very unhappy about this. I couldn't even stomach to read the posts on the facebook group created to discuss a new name for Bullis. One more reason for me to stay the hell out of the country...