Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Our foreign correspondent is too polite to write about this

But we can't let it go unremarked that even a country like Mauritania -- where young girls are forcefed in order to make them obese, and in some cases tortured when they refuse -- still has far fewer overweight women than the U.S.

I can say this only because Megan is 3,000 miles away, but it sort of makes me think the Onion was right.


the real Megan said...

You've got me all wrong. I can't believe how many fat bitchez we have in this country.

The only good thing about these women is that it means I have one less nappy ho to compete with.

I will destroy all.

Megan Jones

pogblog said...

But *I* am not 3000 miles away and would like to make sure you recall beyond your present obviously cheneyesquetudily deluded state that Fat People are Far Funnier & Smarter. (The brain lives on fat after all.) And more psychic. The gleeful & delectable list of fat-enhanced Qualities goes very on, dear.

'Overweight' according to whom, oh ye shrimp of fetid prejudice? Piffle. Fat People put up with this insinuating drivel not because it never occurs to us to sit on you ilk and crush you with our glorious heft, but because we're too fat-stokedly jolly to actually do it.

Make up for this fatheaded & drooling ERROR by calling the direct White House Comments Line, 202.456.1111, to squawk about the Libby travesty or the War travesty, or or. (It'll be busy, but if you redial a few times very fast, you'll get in the queue.)