Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Beating Women and Torturing Dogs

Atlanta Faclons quarterback Michael Vick's penchant for dog fighting seems to be surprising and outraging everyone, even Senator Byrd.

While Vick should be punished if found guilty, the sad fact is that when professional athletes beat or sexually assault women, no one seems to care. No old Senator stands up in Congress to rave about it it, no official investigation by the professional sports league they play for, just a simple plea bargain or out of court settlement that allows them to continue to make millions and be adored by fans. Violence against women in professional sports is like a plague - look at Kobe Bryant, Ruben Patterson (how is attempted rape a misdemeanor, by the way?), Jason Richardson, Ron Artest (who also starved his dogs, but no one cared), and that's just a few and only in the NBA! When you dig a little more you find players from pro baseball, hockey, football all assaulting women. The list goes on and on.

Perhaps the best is example of the public caring more about dogs than women is that Vick is attracting much more attention now for his "Bad Newz Kennels" venture than for his crimes as Ron Mexico.

Maybe NOE can help once he completes his legal studies?


Nemesis of Evil said...

The "Ron Mexico" line is what makes this post international in scope.

BigDra said...

I apologize for overstepping the bounds of my assignment...