Tuesday, July 17, 2007

People I'm mad at this week

Welcome to the test run of what we're hoping we'll be a new feature here on NOE. Let's get started.

Who I'm mad at: The New York State Assembly.
What they did: Rejected a plan to charge drivers for entering lower Manhattan.
Why it's a problem:
$500 million in federal money is now likely to go to building new highways instead of a plan that would introduce some market mechanisms into transportation choices.
What they should have done instead: Been less petty and approved the damn thing.

Who I'm mad at: Washington, D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty
What they did: Decided to appeal the D.C. Circuit's cockamamie decision in Parker v. District of Columbia, striking down the district's gun control laws, to the Supreme Court
Why it's a problem: Given the current composition of the Supreme Court, governments around the country could soon lose much of their rights to restrict sales of guns.
What they should have done instead: Delivered the body of every shooting victim to the judge Laurence Silberman's house, perhaps with a note reading, "What part of 'A well-regulated militia being necessary' don't you understand?"

Who I'm mad at: The California Newspaper Publishers Association
What they did: Awarded the Los Altos Town Crier second place in the editorial page category of its annual Better Newspapers Contest.
Why it's a problem:
This, this, this and, most of all, this.
What they should have done instead: Started a blog making fun of the Town Crier.


BigDra said...

Why not add the Oakland Athletics to this list? They only yesterday snapped their 9-game skid. Just embarrassing. Awful baseball.

Amanda said...

shoot, we should go steal - I mean borrow with permission, of course - those LAH cows for OUR yards!

Kathy Schrenk said...

Perfect format for the time-crunched new mom!