Thursday, March 01, 2007

Just the guys to do it

Does anyone else like to imagine the Los Altos City Council sitting around before their meetings and watching John Belushi's motivational speech from Animal House? I picture the members using it to psyche themselves up before charging out the door into the chambers and passing unconstitutional laws targeting day workers*, bravely taking stands against gay kids, or voting on land use decisions in Mountain View.

*Lucy Carlton's recollection of our conversation (which took place through an eyehole I had cut out of the hat) is not entirely accurate.


blondebomber said...

Nemesis, you must have noticed all of the open labor markets in LA. Too bad the nor cal LA can't adopt the same attitude. I hear that the new Home Depot may be required to have a formal day worker center. Another attempt at governemnt regulation to screw up a market.

erik said...

A paper bag that covers your face is not a hat, Jon.

BigDra said...

I agree with Erik, but not with blondebomber. She seems a blind advocate or "laissez-faire" capitalism.
If she didn't know - Milton Friedman is dead.
Free up the markets and capitalism will save the world!

Nemesis of Evil said...

Blondie, I actually haven't noticed much other than the library. It is really a shame that the government has gotten involved in the labor market. We were so much better off before the turn of 20th century.

That said, I didn't expect to find Cambridge's newest restaurant owner speaking out in favor of government regulation after having to deal with the British system for the better part of a year.

blondebomber said...


The little guy was the most influential economist of the 20th century. "blind advocate" for peronsal freedom and free choice? Guilty. Would you prefer the coercion of govt because they know better? Do you want the police to arrest these people for standing on the street looking for work?