Thursday, April 27, 2006

Los Altos politics: "Sanity amid a din of chaos"

A letter writer to the Town Crier praises the courage of the Los Altos City Council for passing an ordinance banning future proclamations on issues the Mayor finds offensive. I'll be honest, when the Gay Straight Alliance was founded my senior year at LAHS, their tactics came off as somewhat crude. The president, channeling Jesse Jackson without the rhymes, posted fliers with all sorts of offensive slurs: "We have been called pillow-biters..."

I can see the council's reasons for not wanting to pass a "Gay Pride Day" proclamation. Los Altos is, after all, Bigotville, USA. But the council easily could have ignored the students' request with no further action or recognized the organization without declaring "Gay Pride Day." Instead, officials went out of their way to send a message to the high school students who already fairly ostracized to keep their heads down. I just don't see how that counts as being brave.


joc said...

Luckily, in the earlier letter to the editor (the one above the one by the bigoted lady) the Los Altos Hills ducks appear to be heterosexual. They should be careful not to proclaim it too loudly, lest the headless wooden cows catch on. (No bulls amongst them.)

joc said...

I think we should issue a proclamation requiring all Los Altos mayors to watch the Crying Game and My Life in Pink.

Kathy Schrenk said...

What, no thongs?