Friday, March 16, 2007

The Town Crier eliminates the amendments

Points to the first Town Crier staffer who can correctly identify what is wrong with the following paragraph, the lede in this week's article on the Los Altos Hills general plan:
"Unlike the nation's Constitution, which remains untouched through the centuries as the country's guiding document, towns regularly revisit and revise their municipal constitutions, known as General Plans. Los Altos Hills' plan has gone mostly untouched since it was extensively revised in 1975, and with some prodding from the state, the town has taken on the challenge of updating it.
Here are hints 11-27.


Lauren said...
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Rebecca said...

That makes me snicker in the same way I did a few years ago, when I opened up the San Mateo Times and saw that an article about Merv Griffin included a very large photo of county supervisor Mary Griffin.

As I recall, Mary was a good sport about it, saying only, "I wish I had as much money as Merv."