Monday, March 05, 2007

Pimping and whoring

One of the Democratic Party's second-best orators was on campus this afternoon.

LA Voice mocked Edwards as a multi-millionaire who lives in a six million dollar home and talks about the class divide, but at least his event was open to the public. Of course, I still didn't go, because I am working on the real cant-miss events campus events this week. The Public Interest Law Fund auction on Saturday raises money for students (like myself) who work for non-profits, government agencies, et al. The Team in Training bachelor auction I agreed to do raises money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and enables me to get back some of the karma I lost cold-calling every restaurant and law firm in Los Angeles.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jon - I wish your blog had more personal info, i.e. what you like or don't like about law school, what kind of women you are interested in, what you spend time deeply thinking about, or how you feel about your family. I believe this type of information would help the reader understand how your views have been rendered and disseminated. All the best, a fan

blokeface said...

I do not think that John Edwards would be a good president. Here's one example why:
Edwards wants to immediately withdraw troops from Iraq, while at the same time vowing to "[lead] on the great challenges before us like...the genocide in Darfur." What exactly would happen in Iraq if US troops left immediately? An increase in sectarian violence that could very well lead to a genocide (depending on which religious group gets the upper hand). Thus, Edwards vows to stop one genocide, while simultaneously vowing to allow another to occur. These policies reveal no consistent principles of governance or foreign policy (I will refrain from speculating why Edwards has endorsed such policies).

blondebomber said...

Good question anon. What kind of women is nemesis interested in? A lot of good looking women at UCLA. USC is a close second. Of course I always figured you for the transparently vain LA type.


Edwards is a punk.