Friday, March 16, 2007

What trial lawyers should know about Los Altos

Apologies for the recent slowdown in posting. Unfortunately, most of the amusing news has involved my future employer, so I've had to hold my tongue.* The D.A. down here finally brought charges against the former head of UCLA's body donor program for allegedly stealing bodies and selling off their organs through a middleman.

More on that later, I suppose. For now, I would like to give you a profile of Los Altos (or at least the 94022 zip code) from the Claritas jury selection service on Lexis Nexis. This is the census information supposedly most helpful to trial lawyers in assessing a potential juror's fitness to serve. As Gunn grad and fellow UCLA Law student Josh Mukhopadhyay pointed out when he showed this to me today, people pay a lot of money to have this information.
JURSEL SOCIAL-GROUP: Suburban Wealthy & Affluent
Elite Super-Rich Families
Percentage of US Households: 1.18%
Predominant Adult Age Range: 45-54, 55-64
Key Education Level: College Graduates
Predominant Employment: Professional
Key Housing Type: Owners, Single Unit
Lifestyle Preferences:
  • Played tennis 20+ times last year
  • Traveled to E. Europe last 3 years
  • Have $200,000+ homeowners' insurance
  • Watch Wall Street Week
  • Read Architectural Digest
Socio-Economic Rank: Elite (1)
Ethnic Diversity: White, Asian
* (Yes, that is a backwards way of saying I will be working at the Department of Justice this summer).


Mike Laursen said...

Congratulations on the DoJ job. If you bump into Alberto Gonzales in the hallway, can you take him aside for a minute and explain the concept of habeas corpus?

BigDra said...

Haha, how much did they spend to get statistics like that? I could have done that by sitting drinking a jamab juice and counting all the mommies in SUVs. I think my family is the only one in town without a mercedes or bmw, but Bruce has got one (and used to have two?)!