Saturday, July 08, 2006

So you want to build yourself an outlandishly giant house

Vicki Geers has good news for you.

One of the things I like least about Los Altos is that, while in other parts of the country and at other times in history the term "embarrassment of riches" actually had a literal meaning, it is basically impossible to be too rich here.

So I think the woman who is trying to sell the Winbigler estate at the top of S-cuve is right to target those people with more money than shame. In other communities, it might be poor form to advertise the land you are trying to sell as an ideal location for a megahome. Not here.

Luckily, for prospective buyers, the former owners have already done the hard part, illegally knocking down the house that was there. The two sides just settled the resulting lawsuit, although "settled" may be a misnomer since neither side appeared to get anything from the other. But it does allow Los Altos Hills to focus on newer outrages and injustices against its people.


pogblog said...

My job takes me out and about all over Los Altos and Los Altos Hills. I have seen the ruin of a sweet rural road like La Paloma and other depredations upon the landscape.

I tell people, tho, that what you don't like isn't 'big' (or even 'enormous'), it's 'ugly.' There are huge houses in New York State that would make your heart sing. It's these giant heavy squatting toad hideous houses locally that are offensive.

There are actual architects in the world who could build you an enormous house that nestled engagingly into its space & place and that lifts the spirits.

Sadly LA & LAH got into this faux baronial tasteless McMansion 'imposing' [pretentious; nouveau riche] look that crawls the skin.

blondebomber said...

Pretty strong language for expressing a subjective preference. I know nemisis can afford a haircut but i dont think we should pass a city ordinance outlawing ugly hairstyles or people who wear outdated clothing

Nemesis of Evil said...

Since when is the complete collection of Los Altos High School boys water polo t-shirts from 1994 to the present outdated?

And haircuts are just another way for Madison Avenue to steal your money.

blondebomber said...

Funny use of the term stealing to explain a lack of hair hygiene.