Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Cancel the Grand Prix

I hope that whoever manages the VTA's Web site has a sense of humor. The top item on the page right now juxtapose an announcement that tomorrow is a Spare the Air Day and that transit agencies found funding to makes rides free all day. Just below that is an advertisement for the San Jose Grand Prix, scheduled to take place next weekend and undo any progress in air quality that might be made between now and then.

Coincidentally, the Mercury News is scheduled to come out with its preview of the Grand Prix in a few days. The Merc is a sponsor of the event (as is the City of San Jose), so don't expect anyone there to call it what it is -- an unconscionable exercise in polluting air that is already unbearably smoggy for many people.

Thursday's Spare the Air Day will be the fifth this summer. They are only declared when the smog is so bad so that people with respiratory problems can not go outside.


Anonymous said...

thank you for posting this, it's despicable

Anonymous said...

If any politicians knock on my door this fall, I'm asking them what they drive.

blondebomber said...

I am sure most politicians will tell you they OWN a hybrid car but wont tell you they drive an SUV. See sleaze bag Phil A. for how to frame this argument.

Kind of makes you wonder why we have the STA days.

Nemesis of Evil said...

My neighbor drives a fancy sportscar, but his wife and daughter both drive Priuses. He claims (sarcastically) to have great environmental credentials, because he owns two hybrids.

Do you remember the Mike Honda campaign commercial that featured him driving in an SUV and talking on a cell phone?