Monday, July 10, 2006

Smug levels high over Mountain View

To: Bay Area residents
Re: Loving the smell of your own farts

Dear friends,

Please stop writing letters to the editor about how great you are for buying a Prius, like the one in today's Mercury by Mountain View's own Dave Stein. Many people in the country only know the Bay Area through South Park and the O'Reilly Factor. The least we can do is make those shows' writers come up with their own punchlines.



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blondebomber said...

Dave Stein is arrogant. That was the right thing to say.

Of course he didnt buy an electric only car when Ford produced them to meet CAFE standards a few years ago.

How about we force faux environmentalists to buy the surplus cars produced by american manufacturers to meet the regulations supported by these silly thinkers