Thursday, May 04, 2006

Wagner sentencing delayed again

Apparently, judges are allowed to take a vacation from time to time. As a result, Gregory Wagner gets to spend a few more weeks of his life bumping into the parents of the children he molested.

Wagner's lawyer James Blackman has since apologized for referring to those children, now adults, as "so-called victims" after a pre-sentencing hearing in March. Of course, it was the kind of non-apology apology that people give when they are trying to maintain a bargaining position that precludes from actually saying they're sorry, or, if they are, they're only sorry that people are taking what they said the wrong way.

The sentencing hearing has already been delayed several times. The new date is June 9th, which Wagner had not wanted because it happens to be his daughter's birthday. You have to feel bad for the guy's children, and it's understandable not to want your daughter's birthday to always be the day her father was sent to jail for molesting children. Given the lack of influence a confessed criminal has over his sentencing date, this is just another of the many, many good reasons not to molest children in the first place.

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Anonymous said...

I think Gregory Allen Wagner is the scum of the earth, taking advantage of those boys under the guise of being a Boy Scout leader. Hopefully, he will get the full sentence on June 9th and the men can begin to have closure in their lives.