Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Thank you for trying to save my life. Here are some flowers.

I want you to imagine for a second that Carl's Jr. has hired Jerry Bruckheimer to make a commercial? Here's the script.

Jun Munakata, sitting at the drive-thru window, sees a car slam into a tree across the street, and then catch on fire. As the clerk calls 911, Munakata sprints across El Camino Real and yanks the man from his car moments before it explodes.

The driver has a different version of events -- he says he was not drinking and exited the car under his own power -- but he says he's grateful for Munakata's help. In any case, it was hard not to think of Kitty Genovese when I heard about all the people who stood around watching and doing nothing.

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Erik Koland said...

According to Megan, there is a strategy to employ if you are a victim like Genovese--you need to call out someone from the group.
For example, if you were being attacked in the middle of Mountain View-- "Hey you with the bandana. Yeah you with the bike. Call the police. Use your cell phone. Yes. You in the sweatpants."

No mistake after that. The onlooker fitting this discription would be pychologically separated from the group and more likely to react.