Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The old new thing

SGI, the company that has donated millions of dollars to local non-profits, announced that it had filed for bankruptcy Monday. CEO Dennis McKenna told the Mercury News that the filing wouldn't change anything at the company, which would continue to operate business as usual.

Uh oh.

I sense there's some kind of Jurassic Park-related joke here, you know, something about recreating an extinct species from fossilized DNA and then Jeff Goldblum almost getting eaten.


Anonymous said...

Weiner, where's your shoreline article? Weren't you outfront on this for the past year? Are you still working for the paper?

Nemesis of Evil said...

Well, I can only put stories up on Palo Alto Online, which our competition looks at more than our readers do. The lack of an RSS feed and capacity to update our Web site was the main reason for the starting this blog, which I then corrupted with bitter, mean-spirited smarminess.

-- Wiener

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