Thursday, May 04, 2006

Hangar One food fight

Very amusingly immature debate going on over at the Merc's Web site, where they're taking a poll on what people want done with Hangar One. "Save it" has a commanding lead right now, perhaps in part because of an e-mail going around to the Save Hangar One Committee imploring people to vote.

Scott Herhold, writing on behalf of the preservationists, compares the hangar to Ellis Island and likens the other side to the Taliban.

Patty Fisher, declaring herself "de facto torch bearer for the Hangar One demolition squad," seems to call Herhold predictable and boring, labels the Hangar a monstrosity and says ideas for preserving it are "mere fantasies."

Fun stuff, though I still think Mike Cassidy had the best column of the week. It was about time somebody called out the Black Eyed Peas ("What you gon' do with all that breast, all that breast inside that shirt") for their ridiculous lack of effort to write intelligent lyrics. Plus, Cassidy had the good sense to quote an expert in terrible writing and acting uncool.

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