Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Living the dream

Who wants to be a civil engineer when hanging out at frat parties is so fun?

The most popular man at last Thursday's Phi Psi "Miami Vice" party was one of the few old enough to remember the television show that inspired the theme. While the frat brothers swilled vodka and shotgunned tasteless beer in the corner, the girls were all calling Craig Harrison's name.

The "brain" behind "MV SPARTANS BLOW GOATS" is now the brain behind 575 Productions, a photography company that shoots events for drunk college kids (not excluding a certain brother of mine, described by a law school classmate who attended the party as "Much more of an animal than you.") Generally speaking, the subjects seem to be both willing and blissfully unaware that their parents have internet connections.

Those guys are solid dudes. I'm totally rushing them in the fall.


Kathy Schrenk said...

Ah, college...

pdn said...

i'd like to inform you that i'll be redoubling my efforts to come visit you this fall. preferably when you are hanging out with bubba and craig.

who knew the buurmas and the wieners had so much in common?