Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Town Crier vs. Global Warming

Remember that poll a few years ago in which viewers of Fox News overwhelmingly believed that we had found WMD's in Iraq and that Al-Qaeda had a working relationship with the Iraqi government? Of course you do.

Somebody should poll Town Crier readers and see how they stack up.

A deliciously hypocritical letter from Edward Kelley in this week's issue continues the paper's campaign against the truth.

Regarding Amy Wright's letter published May 16: I would like to ask Ms. Wright to identify the source for her claim that global warming is a subject for which "nearly all scientists worldwide are in agreement."

It's one thing to throw out such a statement to rebut articles you don't like, but it's another to back them up with source material.

My understanding of the subject is that scientists worldwide are far from agreeing that humans are responsible and that global warming is a phenomenon that occurs naturally over millions of years.

I can only assume that Kelley appended his own source material to his letter. Notwithstanding what Kelley incorrectly calls his "understanding," the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change says human activity is causing global warming.

(Here is the original letter, a response to the Town Crier spilling ink on a global warming denier, a "certified consulting meteorologist," sponsored by publisher Paul Nyberg's South Peninsula Area Republican Coalition. He happened to be appearing in a cafe, previously owned by Nyberg, downstairs from the paper's office.)


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure I saw Kelley's letter word-for-word as a "Flaw in Reasoning" LSAT question.

- E

Nemesis of Evil said...

Here's a practice question for you:

Kelley's letter is an example of which of the following logical fallacies:

1) Appeal to authority
2) Burden of proof
3) Reading the Town Crier

Anonymous said...

Obviously it damages what’s left of the paper’s credibility to print letters from the desperately misinformed. Ask the editor why you shouldn’t run it.He’ll say it’s censorship. Glad to know someone is standing up for truth.