Thursday, October 26, 2006

Where all the white women at?

In the surprisingly close race to replace Dr. Bill Frist as Tennessee's Senator, Harold Ford, Jr. is bidding to become the first black Senator from a Confederate State since Reconstruction.

In response, the Republican National Committee, of course, is basically accusing him of intent to consent to miscegenation. The advertisement features a white woman saying she met Ford at a Playboy Party and winking at the camera as she says "call me." Earlier in the ad, a black woman says that Ford "looks good" and that's enough for her.

RNC chair Ken Mehlman, fresh off a campaign to woo black voters back to the Republican Party, continues to defend the ad and claim that he could not have taken it down even if he wanted to. The ad has been replaced with another that accuses Ford of "not being one of us."


blondebomber said...

I agree. Candidate Ford "looks good" and that's enough for me.

Nemesis of Evil said...

I'm not disagreeing that good looks are important. Why do you think I voted for Ralph Nader?

As for Ford, he doesn't strike you as a little too Jeterish-looking?